Message Desk

Chairman's Message

True education cultivates basic human values, which in turn meets numerous objectives of education. It gives me immense pleasure to share that like the mighty Ganga which starts as a small stream in the great Himalayas slowly coming down to the plains, embracing pilgrim centres and towns and cities, big and small, during its meandering course till it reaches the Ganga Sagar, our proud ‘The Rajasthan International School’ too, which started from a humble beginning eleven years ago with a small number of students had to struggle the hard way to earn the status as the foremost school in the area.
The education in our school guides students to the summit of success. We are proud to promote the concept of positive thinking. We motivate our students to pursue the path to success relentlessly never succumbing to occasional failures, dining into the ears of the students “success”-…… “ success”….. “success” so much so that one thinks of success all the while and never entertains negative feelings. Our aim is to help the child to identify his own unique potential to develop himself and to ignite the spark in the ambitious minds. It makes me feel proud that we are performing our self designated task to the best of our ability and we are not faltering or fumbling in providing the best for the leaders of tomorrow.
With warm regards to all members, parents and students.

Mrs. Kamlesh Yadav

Director's Message

rajasthan-school-directorGiving education is not a magician’s bag of tricks, its about attitudes and relationships that need to be built and nurtured within conducive and enabling learning environment. Education does not stop when the bell rings. It has to continue because we are discharging an important function of preparing the future generation to build, nurture and improve upon the socio-economic legacy that has been handed down to them.
Education in our school is not only related to academics but it is the sum total of what a student learns through out his school life. It aims at triggering curiosity, instilling sensitivity and facilitating the dexterity of perceptibility of human mind. Our aim is to help the child to identify his own unique potential, to develop himself to be acceptable to the open market and the world.
Time to time we have ensured that we are never too far from fulfilling the dreams of our young stalwarts. With every possible help, advanced technology, innovative teaching methods and dedicated services, we are on our toes to help our “young learners”.
To mark this “Success story” we look forward to continue,”The Saga of Success” that started ten years ago, with added spirits and efforts ……transforming dreams into reality year after year. This Wow! Wow!! journey of success we celebrate each year. Come, join us to transform your potentialities into realities while welcoming you to this lovely and stimulating land of Kotputli.
Wishing you the very best in life.

Madhur Singh Yadav

Principal's Message

rajasthan-school-principalEvery child is a power-personality in the making and good education is the most precious distinction we can gift to our children. Good education is true power. Educating children is akin to laying the foundation of a future empire. Today it isn’t enough to send children to school, they need to be sent to a world class school where they develop a scientific temperament, an avid interest in technology along with deep appreciation of high cultural and moral values.
We all know that quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. For a long time education has been taken to mean stuffing the minds of young learners with all sorts of facts and figures by persuasion or pressure. As a result, learning has become a dull and abhorable experience. A parrot is born but an innocent childhood is lost. A computer wizard is born but a vibrant playground is gone. Marks are got but learning is lost. Innocence exits even before puberty is reached at. All joy of learning is gone.
The Rajasthan International School has been established to serve this purpose of making learning a pleasant experience. It has created an impact and is now fast emerging as an institution where a grand experiment in all- round world education is being conducted. At the Rajasthan International School students do not just study and make academic progress, they grow intellectually and morally and become well equipped for the challenges that await them as they get ready to step out into the world of twenty- first century with India being already declared as the SUPER POWER of 2020.

S C Vohra