1. I –A1 Ms. Vimal
2. I –A2 Ms. Krishna
3. I –A3 Ms. Neha
4. I –A4 Ms. Renu Gaur
5. I –A5 Ms. Jagriti
6. I –A6 Ms. Sanjana
7. Overall I/C Ms. Vimal Sharma
8. II – A1 Ms. Preeti Takka
9. II – A2 Ms. Heena
10. II – A3 Ms. Neelam
11. II – A4 Ms. Sonam
12. Overall I/C Ms. Neelam Malik
13. III – A1 Ms. Poonam
14. III – A2 Ms. Seema
15. III – A3 Ms. Ritu Bali
16. III – A4 Ms. Sapna
17. III – A5 Ms. Rupali
18. Overall I/C Ms. Sapna Gupta
19. IV – A1 Ms. Nidhi 
20. IV – A2 Ms. Jyoti
21. IV – A3 Ms. Prerna Batra
22. IV – A4 Ms. Ashu
23. Overall I/C Ms. Jyoti Sharma
24. V – A1 Ms. Neetu
25. V – A2 Ms. Sumitra
24. V – A3 Ms. Rosy
24. V – A4 Ms. Anjali Bhutani
24. Overall I/C
Ms. Neetu
S.No. Section Name
1. Admission Committee Ms Isha Chand
Ms Rekha
2. Activity I/C (Weekend Competitions) Ms. Isha Chand
3. Overall I/c-functions& News Update Mr. Gopal Sharma
Ms Leena
4. Jain functions Mr. Ajesh Jain(I/c)
Mr. Rajesh Jain
Mr. Rishabh Jain
Mr. Sunil Jain
5. Assembly I/C Ms. Mannu Kaushik (vi to viii) (Thursday to Saturday)
Ms. Isha Chand (ix to xii) (Monday to Wednesday)
Mr. Jitender (vi to viii)
Mr. Devender (ix to xii)
6. Time Table I/C Ms Aparna(I/C)
Ms Rashmi Rajpal
7. Substitute In charge Ms Kumud
Ms Shallu
8. Discipline Committee Ms Nishi(I/c)
Mr. Devender
Mr. Jitender
Mr. Kushal Pal
Ms Sneh Kaushik
9. Late Comers & Uniform Ms Nishi (I/c)
Mr. Kushal Pal
Ms Sneh Kaushik
10. Corridor in charges II floor (Sr. Library) – Ms. Nishi
I floor – Mr. Devender
Ground floor – Ms. Jitender
11. Stationery items Mr. Sandeep helping hand Mr. Robin
12. Auditorium Ms Kanchan
Mr. Rajesh Jain
Mr. Joginder
Mr. Amit Jain
13. CC camaras Mr. Amit Jain
14. Website & App Ms Chetna
Ms Ritika
15. Staff room incharge Ms Jyoti Mehendiratta (old)
Mr. Ajesh Jain(new)
16. House flags Ms. Nishi
17. Olympiads Ms Sneh Kaushik
18. General Awareness Committee Ms Sneh Kaushik
Ms Sarita Yadav (II)
19. School Almanac Ms Sangeeta Gunju
20. Workshops Ms Kanchan
Ms Leena
21. Minutes of Staff meeting Eng dept. teacher
22. School News Mr. Gopal Sharma
Ms Leena for updating
23. Alumni Ms Vijay Gupta(I/C)
Ms Sneh Kaushik
Ms Isha Chand
24. Magazine Ms Dimple Vashist(I/C) & other department in charges
25. Coaching Mr. Amit
Mr. Sunny
Mr. Rashid
Ms Sudha
26. Updation of softboards House I/C, Class I/c 7 Art &Craft dept.
27. Fee concession committee Ms Dimple Vashisht
Mr. Devender
Mr. Kushalpal
Mr. K.M.Gupta
S No. Name Department
1. Ms Megha (I)
Ms Dimple (II) – I/C of registrations of IX to XII
2. Ms Shruti
Ms Sheetal
1. Ms Dimple Vashisht English
2. Mr. Gopal Sharma Hindi
3. Ms Shuchi Maths
4. Ms Sheetal Bist Science
5. Ms Sneh Kaushik Social Science
6. Ms Shruti Mehta Commerce
7. Ms. Nishi Physical Education + Sports
8. Ms Kanchan Comp. Sc
9. Mr. Rajesh Jain Sanskrit
10. Ms Twinkle Music
S.No. House Teachers
1. Adinath Ms. Sarita Yadav
Ms. Dimple Vashishth 2nd I/C
Ms. Shruti Mehta
Ms. Manju Arora
Dr. Ajesh Jain
Ms. Neetu Gupta
Ms. Poonam Behl
Ms. Sarita Yadav
Ms. Seem Atri
Ms. Shikha Verma
Mr. New Physics Teacher
Ms. Sarita Sharma
Ms. Sheetal(English)
Ms. Rosy Yadav(I-V) I/C
Ms. Seema Yadav 2nd I/C
Ms. Sapna Gupta
Ms. Krishna Rawat
Ms. Preeti Takkar
Ms. Preeti (Lib) Ms. Jagriti
2. Parshavnath Ms. Sneh Kaushik 1st I/C
Ms. Rekha Dhingra 2nd I/C
Ms. Megha
Mr. Rajesh Jain
Ms. Richa Jain
Ms. Sudha Yadav
Mr. Kushal Pal
Ms. Savita Devi
Ms. RiyaMehndiratta
Ms. Anita Yadav
Ms. Deepali Jain
Mr. Sunny
Ms. Nisha Yadav
Ms. Sumitra Sharma I/C
Ms. Poonam Lakhani 2nd I/C
Ms. Nidhi Gupta
Ms. Meenakshi (hindi)
Ms. Heena
Ms. Renu Gaur
Ms. Rupali(Maths)
3. Mahavira Ms. Shuchi Mudgal
Ms. Lata Mehndiratta 2nd I/C
Ms. Sheetal Bisht
Ms. Vandana Popli
Mr. Mohan Verma
Ms. Jyoti Mehndiratta
Ms. Shalu Sharma
Ms. Isha Chand
Ms. Jyoti Sachdeva
Mr. Rasheed Ahmed
Mr. Ravi Maurya
Mr. Sunil Jain
Ms. Jyoti Sharma I/C
Ms. Anju Bhayana 2nd I/C
Ms. Neelam Malik
Ms. Vimal Sharma
Ms. Ashu Kalra
Ms. Ritika Khurana
Mr. Nitin
Ms. Payal
Ms. Sanjana
4. Ajinath Mr.Gopal Sharma
Ms. Manju Yadav 2nd I/C
Ms. Sangeeta Ganjoo
Ms. Kanchan Mehndiratta
Ms. Aparna Gandhi
Mr. Sandeep
Ms. Rashmi Rajpal
Ms. Manu Kaushik
Ms. Suman Yadav
Ms. Divya Sharma
Mr. Rishabh Jain
Ms. Sunita Rani
Ms. Shushila
Ms. Anju Behl
Ms. Neetu Arora I/C
Mr. Anjali Bhutani 2nd I/C
Ms. Ritu Bali
Ms. Sonam
Ms. Neha Sharma
Ms. Meenakshi Jain

Jain Public School, Rewari is a co- educational English Medium School located in Shanti Nagar Rewari. It was established in 1986 under the leadership of Sh. Sumer Chand Ji Jain and started functioning from April, 1987 with a strength of 116 students in classes I – V. It got upgraded to class X in 1994 and later in 1999 for class XII vide CBSE Affiliation no.530144. The school is an ISO 9001 :2008 certified Institution . It was started under the Jain Education Board and since 2003 running under Bhagwan Mahavir Vidyapeeth comprising of 21 members which forms the apex body of the school.

In 1987 there were only 116 students in the school where as currently 2200 plus students have got registered with the school. Medical, Non – Medical and Commerce stream are allotted to the students in Senior Secondary classes while CCE system is followed up to secondary classes. The school aims at holistic development of the children, there by strengthening the skills of the students to emerge as intellectually, emotionally strong citizens.

Discover your might and start exploring right now

Enter Here to Be and Find a Friend. These words, which are carved over the school’s entrance, welcome and remind us of our commitment to one another.

We are actively committed to diversity. We expect and promote moral responsibility, and strive to develop strength of character within a respectful school community.

Our goal is to foster a lifelong passion for learning, understanding, and service in an ever-changing world.

We invite you to learn more about our school and to visit us. We are confident that you will leave with an appreciation for our values, our program, and our people.

We are a independent day school dedicated to inspiring excellence with a purpose.