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Jain Public School, founded in the year 1986 by the Jain Education Board, has strived to give quality education to the students. Our objective is to educate the young minds and inculcate in them a spirit of service to humanity. The objective of teaching is to arouse the inquisitiveness and suppressed instincts and problems of the students so that they might be able to lay the foundation of life skills. The management, school and parents are partners in this endeavor. Your role is significant, as some of the most important lessons of life are taught at home, such as – moral building and regard to one and all. Parents have overall responsibility to monitor their child’s health and simultaneously begin the process of moulding the child into a sensitive, curious and bright individual.

They must discourage unacceptable habits like impunctuality, disobedience, aggressiveness, bullying, teasing etc. Stay in touch with your child's assignments, tests and ongoing projects, check with the school to be aware of the developments of school and your child. Set aside time each day to offer help. Give your Mobile Number to the Class Teacher of your ward, so that SMS can be sent and Teacher can contact you when needed. The almanac is an insight into our endeavours for the education and development of the students. Let us all make collective efforts to help the child in acquiring stress free knowledge, skills and understanding to face the ever growing challenges of the society and emerge as a productive and confident personality. Wishing you a very happy, productive and an enterprising Academic Session 2024-25.

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The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.

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World kindness day Our little Buds celebrated world kindness day by promising to make this world a better…

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Das Lakshan Parv To make the students acquainted with secular values and developed the spirit of love, equality…

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Sunil Jain
Sunil Jain
25 December 2022
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav
11 November 2022
Best school in rewari.
Jd Singh
Jd Singh
7 October 2022
Sunny Nigania
Sunny Nigania
3 September 2022
Tarun Giri
Tarun Giri
25 August 2022
Manish Tanwar
Manish Tanwar
6 July 2022
Shekhar Pal
Shekhar Pal
27 June 2022
Ram Gopal
Ram Gopal
9 June 2022
Naresh kumar yadav
Naresh kumar yadav
24 May 2022

“At this School, our mission is to balance a rigorous comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with healthy social and emotional development.”
Diane Rosenberg
“We want our students to become engaged global citizens. That requires imagination, flexibility, resilience, the ability to get along with others, and a sense of humor.”
Taryn Grogan
“At this School, our mission is to balance a rigorous comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with healthy social and emotional development.”
John Doe